The History of A-PRO Pest Control, Inc.

Chuck Payton and Bill Cress met in the summer of 1975 while playing Mission City Football. Together again as a team in 1985; with a family loan of $3,300.00, a loaned truck and spray rig, A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. was born. During the first year Chuck worked full-time and Bill worked part-time spraying and keeping the equipment running. After a year the business became busy enough to support both men. Presently, A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. has a staff of 17 employees. A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. has prospered since conception, primarily from referrals and with little advertising.

Prompt Service

Whether it be a home, apartment complex or business, we take pride in responding to your call in a prompt, professional fashion.

Friendly & Professional

A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. has a courteous, professional staff that is well liked and respected by our customers. All service technicians wear uniforms with company logo and name tag, and are equipped with dispatch radios/phones. Property management companies especially appreciate our neat, professional appearance, quick responsiveness, and friendly service.

Eliminate Your Pests

A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. kills fleas, ants, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, cockroaches, beetles, sow bugs, crickets- all the common pests found in or around your home, apartment, or business.

We’ll come out once, or schedule regular visits to keep your property pest-free with no effort on your part-custom-tailored to your needs and budget. People with pets (and fleas) appreciate our eight times-a-year (split service) program which zaps the bugs in February, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November.

Eradicates Your Rodents

Mice and rats won’t escape from A-PRO Pest Control, Inc., whether inside or outside. We’ll trap or bait them and give you a 60-day guarantee when we’ve cleaned them out of your life.

Learning The Latest

The employees of A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. regularly attend seminars to learn the newest and safest ways to keep your life and property pest-free.