K9 Scent Detection:
Our K9 Scent Detection team is licensed and trained to detect the lowest levels of bed bug activity. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has determined through industry and University experts that a licensed K9 Scent Detection Team can be 97% accurate when inspection for bed bugs compared to 22% by a human inspector. We are in the process of building our K9 Team and qualifications. Call today to have your property inspected by the best K9 Inspector there is.

Our K9 Inspector, Jack was tested and approved to start training in April 2010 with his handler. While German Shepherds looked for explosive materials Jack hunted down live bed bugs that were stored in vials. Jack was held to the same high standard as the bomb dogs. After 160 hours of training he completed his certification as a bed bug dog. He has been working in the field 3 to 5 days a week since his graduation from detection training on April 30, 2010.

Jack is a very cleaver and affectionate Beagle. He is an amazing dog, as he can spend a weekend wining at a dog show after working a full week and work again the next week. He gets really excited when he knows it is time to go to work to find bugs. He enjoys all the attention he receives at the various properties he visits each week. He likes showing off his skills for an audience both in the show ring and at work. He has even had customers attend dog shows he is competing in. Overall Jack is a wonderful all around balanced dog and a loved member of our family. He will come to your home or business to let you know if you have bed bugs.

Two You Tube links, which show Jack during his training in 2010

Born April 24, 2008 Jack was the pick puppy of the litter. Little did he know that he would grow up to be a bed bug dog and an AKC American Champion.


Jack has been working for 6 years as a certified bed bug dog.
Champion Allegro Diamond’s Little Incredible “JACK”
His handler is Kathy Cress wife of A-PRO Pest Control, Inc. co-owner Bill Cress.



Rifle has been working as a bed bug dog for A-PRO for 5 years.



HAWK certified as a bed bug dog in April 2016.


All three dogs trained alongside bomb police K9s and officers.