Is designed to provide maximum pest and vermin protection for 12 months out of the year both interior and exterior. We will be utilizing a combination of low impact products that are considered Green materials and conventional methods and applications to assure maximum protection. We will service four times a year at three-month intervals, however, at any time during the year you experience a pest problem, we will service at no additional charge unless not covered under the Pest Free Club list.

Each service we will treat for various pest and vermin. You can expect the service technician to be at your home for an extended period of time. At the end of each service you will receive a detailed Environmental Report letting you know what we found and a corrective plan. Once a year, you will also receive a limited termite inspection letting you know if you have termites or not. You get all of this for a low monthly payment.


  • Maximum year round protection
  • Low impact/green products used
  • Minimal exposure to highly toxic pesticides
  • Detailed Environmental Report each service
  • Annual limited termite inspection
  • Large list of pest covered
  • Discounts on all other services
  • Low monthly payment

Pest Covered:

Ants, spiders, cockroaches, sowbugs, earwigs, fleas, flies*, mice*, rats*, wasps & bees*

Pest Not Covered:

Mosquitoes, termites, carpet beetles, grain pest, bed bugs, wildlife, birds and landscape pest above four feet.

*= Non structure invading